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Issue Volume 1: Finding the Sanctuary: Singapore Luxury Real Estate Market (26/10/2018)
Issue Volume 2: Office Markets in Singapore: Boon or Bane (29/11/2018)
Special Focus: Vietnam Growth Opportunity (14/12/2018)
Issue Volume 3: Real Estate Markets in Singapore: The Year-End Review (21/12/2018)
Special Focus: Singapore Hotels (28/12/2018)
Special Focus: Quillion Global is very pleased to announce on the successful brokering of the Mercure & Novotel Hotels for our client! (11/1/2019)
Issue Volume 4: Hotel Asset plays: Boutique vs Main-stream (16/1/2019)
Issue Volume 5: The Marriage: Hotels and Technology (2/2/2019)
Issue Volume 6: The Big Shift: From Residential to Hotel (18/2/2019)
Issue Volume 7: Office Market in Singapore: Right time to Invest? (6/3/2019)
Issue Volume 8: Market Overview: Why Invest Real Estate in Singapore? (20/3/2019)
Issue Volume 9: The Big Boom: Singapore’s Hotel Market (3/4/2019)