United Kingdom

London’s nominal output has risen faster than other regions in the UK. Its employment and unemployment rates have fared better than other regions, and has seen a larger growth in its active business stock; a vast increase of jobs and the average incomes of its residents have increased when compared to residents elsewhere in the UK.

The weaker UK pound, low interest rates and the mature, stable nature of the UK property market, has made Britain and London in particular, an attractive destination for many overseas property investors.

Prime Central London is operating at a different speed to the rest of London where residential prices are now 28% above their prior 2007 peak.

Demand for office space has increased, accounted by a growth in the cluster of technology, media and telecoms firms and limited supply of offices. Yields of prime offices in Central and West End London remained stable at 5% and 4% respectively. The rentals do not decline, rather, they remain flat or increase in London.